New London Media

We are Global Media Pirates that take no prisoners. 

Not Much except for in your face, behind the scenes media placement, sources, contacts, planning, development, new stories & releases from idea to media blast globally. We "do not" play by the rules. 

"We don't think outside the box....we cannot tell you what fits in a box...but if we hear one more "game changer" tag line or "same person" different parts in an ad we will burn the box."

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New London Media is a Private Media Service. 

New London Media does not provide content, content is provided by 3rd parties; New London Media is not responsible for any content that is distributed through any media. New London Media does not verify any content; New London Media is a media aggregator across all platforms, both collected and submitted. New London Media at its discretion may accept or solicit statements or responses to a media posting across all media.